Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jenny Fitch remembered

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson, Fortune of the Republic, 1878

For years my mother tried to teach me how to compose arrangements and even rooked me into helping with helping with the creation flowers for the numerous tables in the restaurant. I only wish I had paid more attention when I had the opportunity to learn by her side. She was famous for being the woman in the roadside ditches cutting weeds, only most did not realize she was collecting joe pye weed, iron weed, and Queen Anne's lace for arrangements.

It was with great joy this morning I opened an email forwarding me your blog. Thanks for sharing her talents with a larger audience.

Keebe Fitch

Jenny Fitch has long been an inspiration for you and I here at Blushing Hostess, moving silently in the back of the flower and garden posts and always in my mind as I am thinking of the glory of wildflowers and the best ways to highlight vibrant seasonal vegetables. When I wrote to you of her beautiful book, The Fearrington House Cookbook, I was unaware that Mrs. Fitch was no longer among us. I learned this from this note from her daughter, Keebe, in response to my post The Wisdom of Fearrington House. It is with belated pause that I note the passing of Jenny Fitch and hope you will find inspiration in her work and in Keebe's note; surely one of the most cherished things to have come of this blog. Again, I would encourage you to seek out a copy of The Fearrington House Cookbook, for both food and the flower arranging inspiration; it is the perfect place to begin in every season.

The household Wednesday table arrangement here at Merryvale was assembled from curbside weeds, lawn volunteers, and the last of the pale daffodils, for Jenny Fitch.


Anna said...

Beautiful post...Ive never seen a weed so pretty :)

little augury said...

how lovely, I must get you down here and we can go roam around Fearrington. It is a most beautiful place, and a destination for many. such a perfect note from Mrs. Fitch's daughter, and no surprise- her mother would have instilled all the graces. I did not know Her but did meet her on several occasion when the development was just getting started with its townhouses- I had a most cherished older couple that moved out there and there were just a few additional buildings-it is now truly a Village. pgt

Town and Country Mom said...

Lovely arrangements, and thank you for acquainting me with the work of Jenny Fitch. I'm adding the Fearrington House cookbook to my wish list.