Friday, October 2, 2009

The Hostess on the tablecloth question

Afternoon, readers.

As promised last week, here you have my response to Mrs. C's etiquette challenge question on table coverings.

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Dear. Mrs C.,

The rule of thumb, traditionally, is that round tables take round cloths. The length of said table cloth depends on the event or regular purpose of the table:

- informal use: 10" drop from table edge to hem
- formal use: 15" drop from table edge to hem

However, I have a 48" round in the kitchen and the thing makes me perfectly mad. I cannot stand cleaning around the two year old's chair when the 70 is on the table - far too long for a family and I do not like the look of a short cloth because the legs are not pretty.

I use my Grandmother's beautiful square when the protocol is not important. When it is, I found a beautiful fabric at a local fabric store that was 60" width and cut and hemmed my own round out of it: Really easy and some solids will run to 72" widths - under both of these is a vinyl liner for the art projects and to act as a silencer for the glass noise during meals...

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PAT said...

I have to admit, I have used square on a round. I know it's a no no, but it really didn't look so bad. This is when I've done tablescapes, for Tablescape Thursday posts and wanted a certain look, though; not in real life.

Enjoyed this post and thank you for great advice.

thepreppyprincess said...

Oh good, a place where I can make my confession about having put square on a round! But it was only for the two of us, *never* with company.

May your weekend be lovely Miss Hostess!

tintin said...

What I would give to lay a proper table.

LPC said...

As far as soup dishes? If you are serving multiple courses, absolutely the dirty plates need to be removed from the table. However, if you never make soup, you may not need soup bowls. That said, soup bowls can, in a pinch if they not those too flat kind, be used for other things. Such as dessert, messy salads, pasta, etc. If the cost is not a big problem, I'd always get a full set.