Friday, October 2, 2009

Host gift style: Bacon and Chocolate

Yes, you read that correctly. This Host gift thing is a real issue around here. I have to wonder how to properly thank the gentlemen who have been so very kind to Blushing this year: The Elegantologist, Trad, and ADG, all of whom have written pieces for or about me/ her, The Hostess.

So, what do you think?

The Bacon and Chocolate Library might be right up E&E's alley.

Blog crush Trad gets Bacon, Chocolate, and Stout, I suspect he would dig this; note his Friday posts.

Back-up blog crush, Maxminimus - maybe he would want something to share with his best girl: Bacon, Chocolate, Toffee.

Just a thought, and far better than what I gave them last year.

Now, if Blushing were going to order something for herself - which she absolutely never does because she is very busy with her do-gooderness - she would, naturally, order up one of these:

Piper Heidsieck Brut Rose Sauvage Champagne & Exotic Truffle Gift Box

Fabulous chocolate. It may sound like a bizarre concept but I promise you, it only sounds that way, and only until you try it. I found mine at my local specialty market but you can also order them here. My stocking-stuffers are taking a step up this year, I tell you...


Easy and Elegant Life said...

Just being asked was thanks enough. It was my pleasure.

ADG said...

I'd be honored if you took the resources considered for my gift and either bought yourself a bauble for your new-wherever it ends up being-house or gave something to your favorite charity. Now Tintin-he's gonna want somethin' for certain.


Suburban Princess said...

I suspect bacon chocolate is very yummy if bacon with maple syrup is any indication!

An Aesthete's Lament said...

Any of those would be wonderful.

LPC said...

Well perhaps we will all have to get that exotic chocolate FOR you:). Bacon with chocolate is quite the foodie fav these days.

Elle said...

How fun! I never thought of sending bacon in a gift basket, but I certainly will remember it moving forward!

tintin said...

With ADG's snarky comments regarding my waist size I should pass on the bacon and cocoa and ask for some cottage cheese. But I'm lactose intolerant. Buy me a martini at Belelmans and we're square.