Thursday, May 14, 2009

Queen to Prince Phillip: What this place needs is a bar.

Oh, come on. Do you think the Hostess makes this stuff up? I could not if I tried.

According to the Press and Journal, the Queen's royal household at Balmoral has made a formal application to open a bar, largely for 150 employees who should not, not, not have to drive nearly ten miles to find the nearest bar. Dearie, no. Stay right here at work and knock back a few brewski's with the old girl, why don't you?

As I have told you before, should you find yourself sidling up to the monarch who just cannot wait to dislodge that fierce crown from a day full of knighting-of-the-realming and so forth, at, say, a bar in a castle in the Highlands, you can offer to buy her a gin and Dubonnet.


~Tessa~Scoffs said...

Recently watched an old ('40's?) movie in which a young Wendy Hiller orders a gin and dubonnet. I wonder if the Queen ever saw that movie?

columnist said...

Gin and "it", (Dubonnet) was the tipple of her mother; "Maj" likes a G&T, but her alcoholic intake is very modest, compared to her late mother's and her late sister's. Wearing the crown is a serious business.