Thursday, September 18, 2008

Keep Calm and Carry On

I have been taking notes. Below are quotes from the 20/20 Queen-umentary with Barbara Walters with regard to the running of Queen Elizabeth's household. I think you will find these sentiments not unlike what might be said of all our own households, yes?

"Small army of perfectionists."

"Polished precision."

"Every fruit leaf is polished."

" 'Course, the china is irreplaceable."

"You can never be good enough."

"These new shoes don't produce a good shine, they'll be my number two pair for today."

"The guests always feel slightly shell shocked when they arrive."

"The royal host checks on preparations (herself)."

"That light means take your place, the green light means you all lay your plates."

Finally, should you ever need to serve the Queen a drink, you cannot say I failed you:
70 Dubonnet, 30 gin.

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