Friday, September 19, 2008

Fondue: Beautiful and Groovy

Ruffino Copper Fondue Pot, Williams Sonoma, $239

Over at Blushing Hostess, I have been considering a fall Cider Fondue. While I have a (suspected re-gifted) fondue pot from Dansk and do not use it often enough to ever replace that fine piece of cast iron, if there were a reason to find a new one, above is the piece of fabulous cookery art which would replace it.

A little fondue advice:

1. Be attentive to the size of the food to be dipped, it should be comfortably bite size for every guest.

2. If you are having a few people and fondue is to be the main sustenance offer small plates upon which any food the guests prefer to have to themselves can be placed, and for them to place fondue forks once finished.

3. If you are having more guests that you have fondue forks, place plenty of long bamboo skewers in a festive display piece next to the fondue set up.

4. If you are consuming fondue, dip food into the fondue only once. There are no exceptions to the rule.

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