Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Do not curse the darkness

I love candlelight. Especially when it brings some deep transcending Southern scent reminiscent of some rambling old white house in a grove of majestic ancient oaks. While I never knew my South to smell as enchanting as Low Country Luxe Candles, it is to their credit that they have perfected a memory as well as the nose of these elegant candles. They are a tasteful house warming or hostess gift, fitting into any room of a handsome home but also a polished means of adding breezes of fully realized Southern memories to your own rooms. Available from the ever-exquisite Paris Market & Brocante, Savannah, GA. They are available in scents High Cotton, Gullah, Savannah, Charleston, Spanish Moss, and Sea Grass. Not one is disappointing though I have always found Sea Grass particularly enchanting.

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