Friday, May 15, 2009

Think ahead

I love these university and prep school blazer buttons from Ben Silver of Charleston (the Hostess' most beloved men's retailer). This tradition of college graduates from Oxford and the like in England was brought to our shores by Ben Silver and according to my research, Ben Silver remains the only place to find them in jeweler's quality and 14K gold in the Americas. They have nearly every notable school in the US available but they are generally made to order and will take a couple of weeks. So get started now.

While the above buttons are in color, my Husband's buttons for Tufts are all gold and therefore are just a nice twist on a gold button for his navy blazers rather than something so apparent like the above buttons. I think they are fabulous and a small, thoughtful nod to an alma mater he really enjoyed.

These also make a wonderful grooms gift to the groomsmen, especially when they are to wear navy blazers for the wedding: What a lovely touch for them to find these buttons on their blazers, and so much better than a flask...

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Miss Amy said...

what a great gift idea! this is such a wonderful option for those guys who seem to have everything. thank you so much!!