Saturday, October 25, 2008

I like a monogram. Plenty.

However, there is a time, a limit, and a taste level to this monogramming obsession the whole planet returned to the moment prep came back into vogue. The Hostess never left, she was always right there at Old-School Prep, observing certain but unspoken guidelines. For example:
Monogrammed plastic ice buckets and beverage cups are declasse. But not as terrifying and grotesque as monogrammed toilet paper. Monogrammed melamine plates are lovely for children's parties but the Hostess has not seen them done well for adults, even for cookouts. And finally, initials emblazoned on place mats are also a rough go. It seems a touch more self-concerned and indulgent than the old and lovely tradition of the single family inital on dinner napkins, does it not?

The situation is blinding with overdone ornateness. To quote beachbungalow8 on different but equally galling subject: You can just "smell the stale cigarette smoke and Giorgio perfume," in some of the "tablescapes" where these esteem-less tabletop horrors are often pictured. All this is improving just a tad, thanks to Leontine Linens who has lent the genre their skill with fonts, embroidery, color, and generally - taste:

If you must.

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Easy and Elegant Life said...

Cary Grant was given monogrammed tumblers by an admirer. It is said that they were among his favourite possessions and he would always serve his guests their whiskey in them. is it Pottery Barn that has a decent looking Old-Fashioned glass?

Lovely blog.