Thursday, October 23, 2008

Neiman's: Early Holiday Decor

The Hostess has been whirling around the holiday offerings at Neiman Marcus. Because the competition for the best holiday decor is stiff and starts early. I am just stretching here, getting ready. Normally, I look forward to this day every year. This time I suspected things might be looking a bit bleak. But I was wrong, there was a mix of gorgeous, adorable, and just odd. I chose to leave the odd out for now.

Loving the reindeer rail and candle setting. This would be perfect in my friends Jen's house!

This is my new tree skirt. My Christmas needs a little whimsy and who better to provide it than Mackenzie-Childs?

Woodland dinnerware and place mats. Perfect for Christmas breakfast in the country.

Pyramid tartan trees: A modern nod to Scotland.

This looks beautiful and polished for a grab-me before impromptu holiday meals but, practically speaking, it will not be pleasant to maintain without a staff...

Their cookies are renowned. So is the recipe.

And just one question for the buyers at NM: Why on earth would anyone want to wipe their face with organza? Ick. Ouch. EEEEEEEEEW.

All photos Neiman Marcus.

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