Monday, October 27, 2008

Two bare walls

This is no way to run household. Something needs done. And so, the hunt to advance horse art collection continues, this time on Esty. Only now, we are needing a bit of color and/or black and whites. Hunt scenes being what they are, it seems it is always autumn (This seasonal choice is nostalgic, not accurate. The Hunt is three, if not four seasons a year depending on the location and insurers.), and frankly the burnished tones and deep greens are taking over. I can barely find my houndstooth coat.

Doris Joa. One of my favorite horse portraitists today. It is difficult to score her originals but certainly with the trouble.

The track at Saratoga in Winter. Not horse art, but horsey to me as I knew it the moment I saw it and thought it was a breathtaking rendering of a way we fair-season show folks never see the old track. Visit Parkers site, this does not do it justice. JC Parker Fine Art at Esty.

The blue here is surprising and lovely, almost an ocean-going blue. Another lovely way to remember Saratoga. JC Parker Fine Art at Esty.

Interesting for how unreal it is. Strapless? Bareback? Stop it. Iris Schwartz at Esty.

Racehorse and Jockey Misty Morning, original, Artististique.

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