Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Linens. China. And childhood vices.

Sunday mornings were not as critical a get-it-right mothering scenario to me before I had a staircase down which babies scoot on tiny behinds with this never-ending fountain of of what's-next springing from twinkling eyes.

It might have been Christmas morning that ruined me for all others with them. When I hear the feet upstairs, something in me demands mornings be special or easy. My children are not treated like guests here, perhaps when my patience is infinite, they are treated just as they are: These inexplicably magical beings of the sparkling azure eyes and blond ringlets.

You'll understand then that some days, some early starts, need to be flush with the forgiveness of rules and high on the scale of beautiful. Which is why, on a cool Sunday morning in this old but stately farmhouse, they of the shimmering eyes and sticky curls are placed in beautiful big chairs before a roaring fire with all kinds of pretty things that can certainly be broken in the course of eating apricot stuffed pancakes with a side of M&M's, then ceremoniously washed down with a demitasse cup of milk...

That's how we roll. There is no guilt in me about candy and Sunday mornings. Childhood: They and I will only pass this way once.


Teresa@Splendid Sass said...

Such a true statement. They grow up far to quickly, and you can't get those days back! Love this.
Have a nice day.

High Heeled Life said...

Beautiful post! I love that you allow your Sticky curls (I had and have curly, curly hair ... so I loved your description) and shimmering eyse , are treated like the small adults under construction they are.

Growing up European I was always taken back ... when visiting with my parents the homes of friends and realtives at the must not use things or the rooms that are always saved for "special occassions.

Perhaps that is why today I use the "good" china and crystal for everyday ... after all every day day we are breathing is precious and special .. !! HHL

LPC said...

I love you like this:).

Robin said...

I agree with you. Candy for breakfast isn't only for Easter Morning! You and your children are lucky to have each other.