Saturday, September 18, 2010

Following up. Letting you know. Passing out.

It has been a long week. If there were anyone around to hold a heavy camera and take a photo of me still typing while my head was layed squarely upon my desk at the same time, I certainly would share that with you. In the meantime, this shot was snapped while I was still pretty lively. So, at the very least you know I am still panting. Er, I mean, breathing. Anywho.

Several readers asked to see the photos of the amazing event I attended this week called Outstanding in the Field which has or will come to a farm near-abouts all of you and is both a magnificent event and a great cause. Please come see me at the Boxwood Winery blog where I posted the photos and my thoughts, here. It was of great interest as you will remember, as the meal has a tradition of guests bringing their own plates.

Secondly, I have been over at the Boxwood Blog on the matter of another occasion this week: Our wine-making consultant from Bordeaux, Stephane Derenoncourt (I was absolutely not starstruck. Ah-hem. Okay, maybe a little) was in the vineyard this week reviewing the varietals for harvest. You can follow that work of mine there also and do "Like" me on Facebook if you have a spare moment so you will know I have not really been asleep at the keyboard but indeed quite perky and likely standing in a field or vineyard somewhere, if stifling a bit of an exhausted yawn.

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Karena said...

Wonderful Cathering I will go and look at your links!

Have you entered my New Giveaway from the French Basketeer... I think you will love it!

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