Friday, September 24, 2010

I hate this part

I temper my distaste for this week of the year when bulbs need to be uprooted and stored for the winter with photos like the one above. At least, I tell myself, I do not have to unearth a field of bulbs by hand.

Truth be known though, it could happen. In some motivated state of mind, with little foresight, I could easily be overcome with the urge to plant hundreds of bulbs. And like a happy fool, forget until September the unearthing of bulbs attached to lifeless stems which is an unparalleled downer.

It's time, ya'll. Bulbs out.

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pretty pink tulips said...

I have to admit being a little sad this "bulb" time of year. My pink tulips are my outdoor "signature" but b/c of a renovation planned to begin in the spring, we have chosen to forego them this year. I'll appreciate them all the more in Sprin 2012!!!!

Get those bulbs planted!!