Friday, July 30, 2010

Blushing's best new interior blog award: Catalog Living

"Elaine was concerned that Gary was drinking too much soda, so she kept them by her feet at all times. To retaliate, Gary threatened to loosen the umbrella buoys."

- Catalog Living, a blog

My gorgeous friend Jessica sent me a link to Catalog Living and I have to say, it finally made interior blogs full of catalog shots amusing. Well, done, Catalog Living, and Elaine and Gary, whoever you are.

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LindsB said...

this blog is so funny, I read through it from start to finish the other day and was laughing to myself the whole time

Seraph + Splendor said...

Thanks for sharing - this blog is hysterical!!!

EntertainingMom said...

thank you for sharing this with us... it's wonderful! love the commentary!

sle said...

interesting...sorta like those cards and napkins with the sayings on them. Never have figured out the usage for them but interesting all the same.