Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Something like a girl in a pie

On the unexpected: "If possible, I try to plot an evening so that something new is happening all the time. Guests coming in after dinner make a kind of second party. Games, like music are okay if the mood's right. Try to prepare a surprise. It can be the food, a little present in each napkin, a musician in the middle of dinner - never at the start, it wastes the impact - a poem read by a guest, an amusing table decoration - you know, something like a girl in a pie."

- Alexis Gregory, among other fine things, the author of Private Splendor: Great Families at Home, as quoted by Bloomingdale's Book of Entertaining, Ariane and Michael Batterberry (1976, FDS)

What is your dinner party girl in a pie?

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EntertainingMom said...

A Man in a Quiche, of course!!!!

spindlecottage said...

How funny! The most entertaining thing around here is hilarious statements from the grandchildren. Such as my Granddaughter commenting on the ultrasound image of the baby in her mommy's belly:
"The baby doesn't have any clothes on?" and later that day, "I think the baby wants clothes on in mommy's belly!"

Blue said...

Four and twenty blackbirds, of course, after having sung a song of sixpence.