Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Test of Time

This Washington Post piece is lengthy. So lengthy in fact that I considered excerpting it to insure it would get a hard look over from the esteemed readership here at Blushing, mother's especially - and not cost them too much time to read it. Then I realized I am part of the problem.

Moreover, it may be important to all who are aware of the time and keep a life by it. Never mind all those in the culture who feel they must rush, must, at all times.

I cannot tell you my relief in discovering the time spent raising children and caring for a home is indeed figured into the GDP: Although it sometimes seems otherwise, someone does indeed care that you ran that load of wash besides the life insurance underwriter.

If you can carve out the time to read it, please leave your thoughts, I am curious to read your reactions.


Town and Country Mom said...

Thanks for posting this. I've actually been invited to speak to a group of mothers with preschool children on the topic of organizing time to more enjoy your family, so this article provided some interesting insights. Personally, I think Americans, at least, have confused busy with productive and urgent with important. We're also a nation of procrastinators, adding to the sense of always being overwhelmed. Ironically, we also tend to plan so far ahead (how many of us already have firm plans for say, July?) that we are convinced we don't have any "free" time. As my brother says, "It ain't no way to live!"

Karena said...

Beautiful Thoughts my dear, you know what is very important in life!!

The Third Place said...

I think the mothers mentioned bring some of it on themselves; specifically, why, when they go out, the husband and children call constantly wanting to know where the bread is, what time is someone's appointment, etc. Our house was headed by two parents who were equally capable of cooking dinner and wiping runny noses.

When my mom would go out with friends, a pox would be upon us if we called her for anything other than the house was on fire. My dad would say, "Your mom works hard and she deserves this time off. Leave her alone!"

vanilla143 said...

I think Americans have forgotten how to live life. We are so busy rushing to and fro that we can only see the rose we have no time to smell the rose.
On the other hand I think if one is going to have an outside job and kids then they have to allow for other things to give. (ie baking cookies is probably cooking the dough that you buy not mixing from scratch)
And one resource that I believe can help is FLYLADY to help keep house keeping on track.