Thursday, October 8, 2009

Etiquette Challenge Workshop: Observing Kosher

Further to last week's challenge, EM wrote in response to my thoughts:

I am Jewish and keep kosher, so I already have one set of meat AND milk dishes. As deserts usually involve milk, I keep a completely different set of dishes for the desert (and must clean up the entire kitchen before serving it!) However, because I love china, I was pondering just buying the dinner plate for formal meat dinners, and using either glass dishes or the regular meat dishes if I needed extra for a meal. Obviously, some color coordination would
be helpful in this instance.

- EM

One of my oldest and dearest friend's childhood home was graced with a soaring kitchen that fascinated me. Two of everything: Sub-zero's, ovens, microwaves, dish closets, and pantry's, all for the respectful observance of kosher dining.

Believe me when I say, I had to bone up to find a helpful answer to this query, and I hope you will join me in making a suggestion for EM (she was among my first five Followers and remains very close to my heart for her allegiance to this blog).

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog! I love it! Karen

nannykim said...

Hey, you just have to do what I do--eat no dairy and then you don't need the extra plates!!

nannykim from spindle cottage

Anonymous said...

I think it's fine just to buy what you like and mix and match. In addition to my formal china, I have Gien "everyday" china where I actually have mixed two patterns -- one for the dinner plate and another for the dessert and salad plates. It's become very stylish to mix patterns, so I wouldn't hesitate if I were you.