Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hostess Style: Girl Power

Come on, have a set there next me, lets elbow each other to get our noses into the monitor and have a long slow look at this weeks first Hostess Style mention (and huge plug for my former and best boss). Be sure you get to the end with me, okay?

Phew. okay, we made it. Are you panting?

How powerful are those lines: big, wide, and hard, then drapey and feminine. Has applications in every collection for every age group.

Oh! Did you think I was talking about the clothing?

I meant the jewelry.

The clothes are pretty amazing too. Who said runway fashion is far out? Those first three looks are going to work their drapes off for me in New York (if I ever leave the south) this fall!



Madame Meg said...

Oh heck, YES! Those are all gorgeous and feminine without anything being stretched on. I will take one of each, please! (And possibly two of the second dress!)
Thanks for sharing!
- Meg

Sandra Austoni said...

They are all so gorgeous and feminine. I also take one of each...