Friday, September 18, 2009

Hostess style: Bespoke knits

Three cheers for a finally modern bespoke hand-knittery in the United States.

Having sourced sweaters in all manner of overseas factory and received every sort of super friendly letter about the countries of origin being everywhere but the US (and chuckled to myself knowing said consumer would never fork over three times as much if I made them in the US - I know, because I was foolish once and tried, anyway...), I am really pleased to see this product line with a modern, perfect-for-fall chunkiness and not feeling like Granny's polyester yarn handiwork.

Choose your color and wait two weeks. And the prices are, for this level of work, truly reasonable. I only wish there were a couple of men's options in the assortment.

Nihun Altunas at Etsy.


longwing said...

Congrats for holding on to her as long as you did. I wouldn't be interesting enough to make it to the 3rd date, would have played all my cards by the end of the second - if there had been a second which I doubt.

Deanna said...

These knitted sweaters are lovely.
I never learned to knit. Unbelievable what some can create by knitting.
Have a blessed week-end and God Bless,

the southern hostess said...

Such gorgeous pieces! Makes me want to curl up in one of them.

JMW said...

These sweaters are gorgeous! Thanks for including a link to her site - will definitely check out the goods!