Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Florals: Centerpiece envy

My goal is to get an arrangement of this nature on to my entry hall sideboard this week.

"This arrangement includes roses, daffodils, ranunculuses, calla lilies, tulips, and hypericum berries in fall colors -- yellows, peaches, and shades of orange."
- marthastewart.com

It may not be the easiest set of blooms to put together in this part of the world this season, but we will see what comes of it. I saw, and foolishly did not buy, some sparkling votive candle holders at Homegoods last week that would have been fabulous here... one more trip might be in order...

Blushing Hostess tips for this floral centerpiece:

To lengthen the life of your pumpkin-vase, melt some candle wax and use it to coat the inside of the pumpkin. The coating will delay (not prevent) rotting from the inside out.

For using pumpkins as vases: Get a large enough pumpkin to hollow the pumpkin out and place a smallish vase or vessel on the inside to hold your flowers in water. Allow a small bit of candle wax to drip to the inside bottom and place the vessel on top to hold it in place.

Finally, do not forget to put a drop of bleach in the flower water to hold off premature arrangement decay.


Jo said...

I adore arrangements in pumpkins this time of year. I'm having a very difficult time finding nice white pumpkins this year. I'm afraid it is due to the large amount of rain this spring and summer here in Connecticut.

Last night, in fact, I made sparkly candle holders. They were very easy to do. I purchased clear holders in various sizes. Spread a thin coat of Martha Stewart decoupage glue and sealer {I had this on hand and it is clear} and dust with Martha Stewarts antique silver glitter and let dry over night. They turned out just as I had hoped.


little augury said...

This is great looking-as a one time garden club member(eekk!)-I saw it done fairly well-but not up to this level. I can't wait to see yours. One good sub for some of the colors to add density-would be carnations(don't gag Blushing) Carolyn Roehm uses them beautifully in mass with her dozens of roses. GT

pink green & southern said...

I love floral arrangements in pumpkins this time of year. The pic is lovely and your tips are great!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

This is lovely... I suppose I would worry that the pumpkin vase might start to smell- your tip for the melted wax sounds perfect!