Friday, June 5, 2009

Disagreement and insults

When one is a celebrity, no time will be wasted by fashion media in commenting on your wears. Though, it is generally not some high-minded construction and balance kind of discussion and the review of Emma Watson's dress at Wednesday evening's Rodarte dinner hosted by Blushing fave Kate Bosworth (whose awesome Dad I worked for happily in apparel) at Harvey Nichols in London, is no exception. As soon as the paparazzi photos hit the internet, the Harry Potter actress was verbally assualted by even prison fashionistas. Unfair, I say.

It is important to consider that Rodarte is art, not just clothing. And like art, one does not relish every object in every museum. But hopefully one can see a masterpiece of seam construction and appreciate it for the 5000 needle turns it took to complete the garment. Or to realize that sometimes striking color off balance is as important as a pretty, but expected, juxtaposition.

Certainly, Kate's dress is neat, pretty, and complimentary. But Emma took a chance and while it may be no beauty queen of a garment, it is memorable for both what it is and what it is not. And the dinner was about the art of the Mullveany sisters who are the founders of Rodarte. It was not about throwing on something understated and munching chicken parm in a department store. Right?

Oh! right, the menu: Nettle soup. Sole. Strawberries three ways. Cucumber mint cocktails. Elderflower presse. Harvey Nichols pink champagne...


The Countess of Nassau County said...

I couldn't agree more.

While the celebrity fashion press and the celebrity stylists have made us all more aware and knowledgeable about many designers, there is a downside. The relentless criticism of this pocket of the media has truly dampened down the down the risk taking. Emma Watson's thrashing is just one example. There is no room for appreciation, it's just thumbs up or thumbs down. And by the likes of Joan Rivers no less! Celebrity gatherings are now beacons for safe, fashionable style. No one wants to end up being labeled a fashion disaster, so they go with elegance on the bias.

Watching this years Oscars I found myself yearning for Cher in that feather headress. Great fashion, no, fashion brilliance, yes.

Anonymous said...

This may shock and amaze the Hostess, as well as any readers somehow stumbling into the Preppy Princess blog, aware of our tragically boring fashion sense (as in no fashion sense, none whatsoever), but.... we agree with you Miss Hostess, as well as the Countess! We knew this was meant to be art and thought she looked great!

But don't get us started on the Leighton Meester Episode discussed in our post of last Wednesday. Harrumph.

Have a simply splendid weekend!