Thursday, May 21, 2009

Great and small

We made it back to Florida finally. After being gone forever, Josh's deployment finally ending in the meantime, giving birth to a baby, and my Mom and Dog (the latter causing The Hostess to miss the golf party, er, I mean, The Players Tournament at Sawgrass) having had major surgery, we are a family once again, for a moment, anyway.

Sacrifices are made to provide this great nation with military leadership. We make a few of them here. This moment is a priceless perk, not a sacrifice:

Realizing that is a six months of unread magazines behind your champagne glass is not so priceless, but also not a sacrifice.

Do great things with your freedom; there are a lot of families out there who will not have this luxury today and will be glad to know their lost moments have served you well. And keep in mind an older woman I met recently, probably one of the most magnificently beautiful women I have ever met in every sense of the word: She sent her thanks to my Husband and my family for their service and sacrifices. I could not believe she would thank us after she told me her Father did not return from World War II. "I am grateful for every sacrifice that keeps me free," she said, "great and lesser."

Fatherless Ridgefield, we thank you.

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