Friday, May 22, 2009

Almost Peony in the Morning Mist

I took these photos a few days ago at home in New York. I have since gone off to Florida and I am pining for these peonies. My Mom does not leave comments to tell us if they have bloomed, maybe nearby neighbor by town, the gracious and talented Patricia van Essche of PVE Design and the notable blog by the same name, will let me know if the peonies are yet open in Westchester...


The Countess of Nassau County said...

Lovely, lovely.

It does not look like you have a ring on them. Do you? If you don't have to rely on a ring, what variety are you planting?

Blushing hostess said...

Hello LIMOM.

They do have rings. Can you believe they grew over that way, you can no longer see the ring. I love that effect. These peonies are historical and predate me, no idea what variety.