Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DBD 2009 - Razortooth Design

Seriously, can I live somewhere that these walls would fly? I am researching locations that are weatherless and breezeless so these panels can be my only walls. Chances are, that is not in the Carolina's and it surely is not here in New York today. Where have these been all my plaster-walled life?

This dining room was magical but just did not sit up nicely for its photos or close ups: Photographing vibrant colors in that dark building was a mite easier. But I swear to you on my 50th Anniversary copy of Amy Vanderbilt, this was eye catching and glamorous. I hope you suspect that from these photos.

Ghost chairs made this job hellish.

The black stuff (technical term) placed all over actually sparkled but the lights in the room were so dim they did not make anything of the embellishment. I had to get within a foot of the terrier centerpiece to note the material of the black stuff. When I did, I was disappointed it wasn't used to greater effect because it carried light and colors beautifully. It is a shame a light was not directed towards it. The room looks dark because it was. Really, really dark. With clear chairs. A tad frustrating.

The centerpiece was a terrier which looked suspiciously like Mickey, my Mom's snarky Cairn, and the black stuff is loosely made in the shape of flowers.

It had elements of genius.

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