Monday, March 30, 2009

DBD 2009 - NYDC 200 LEX

This installation was New York the way I normally would not think of it. One gets accustomed to the things they see in places they know well. I don't think twice before moving quickly past streetlights (on the napkins), all manner of trucks around town (on the dinner service), and graffiti (all over). But those elements contribute to our glorious city and this room so perfectly
captured all the things I miss in a day...

But here it all is, presented so that one understands this is a labor of love for cities and that even the blemishes are magnificent.

At first, I really did not get the fruit centerpieces. After I looked at the room for a while, I decided that while a million other objects could have been placed there, they do soften the scene and the colors fit in perfectly. Which is to say, not at all, because it is a vibrant free-for-all.

So, the Hostess will never own the place settings or napkins but someone less trad than I will and in the meantime, they tipped the balance of understanding for the consumer here: Everything rough and gritty about cities, brushed up, refined, and presented in such a way as to create an appreciation of the things we overlook in a day.

Right down to the graffiti'd crown moulding. Look really close, the ceiling is papered end to end in blue prints.
Completely over the top and definitely a masterpiece.

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