Monday, March 30, 2009

DBD 2009 - Jesgordon/ Properfun

Wasn't this installation just full of young exuberance? It stopped you in your tracks with bright-lights-big-city feeling and a noteworthy lack of self-consciousness. It was happy and contagious.

The young designers here are two sweet peaches, you would adore them. I could easily see this at a roof party in LA... at the top of The Standard, maybe.

Belt buckles! Given my profession, I love apparel references. One of my favorite place settings of all time involved a white ribbon attached with a large black mannish hook and bar in a room full of clubby men's references. This is equally as bright an idea: A tort belt buckle over wide grosgrain. Just fun and reminds us there is no craft that can not contribute if we think creatively.

I hope these girls do well in their endeavors. They were bright and enthusiastic. The design world could use more of them.

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