Sunday, January 25, 2009

Slugging away at the dream

Bell Tower, J. Peterman Company

There is a soft place in my merchandisers heart for that little company called J. Peterman. This morning I was reminded why they are such a a remarkable little engine that could. Beautiful merchandise, great stories, and a come-back story to rival any before... and now a social networking site called J. Petermans Eye. Good for the good guys, I say.

Convertible stool great for a study or library.

Bronze finished mirror, something interesting about it.

Basket tapestry.

Eight light chandelier.

And the usual suspects remain...

The iconic J. Peterman Duster.

The mailbag.

1 comment:

Cote de Texas said...

One day I am going to buy that duster. I've wanted one of his for years!

thanks so much for your comment today!!!