Saturday, January 17, 2009

Going somewhere? An inauguration, possibly?

That's right. These are J.Crew teamed up with the ultra-trad British firm Globe Trotter.
J. Crew. Yes, you read that right. And yes, those retails are accurate. These are super handy as well if an elephant sits on your luggage (good Lord, that's all I need...) according to J. Crew's site.

J. Crew, Globe-Trotter Centenary 13" vanity case, $1000
J. Crew, Globe-Trotter Centenary 28" suitcase with wheels, $2200

J. Crew, Globe-Trotter Centenary 33" extra-deep suitcase with wheels, $2400

If you have not visited Globe Trotter's website, it is well worth the trip. I love the interactive all-around views of the merchandise. I would absolutely give the Orient Collection to my Husband for a birthday gift if I did not happen to know, through various too-boring-to-share life experiences, that if one is not traveling with a valet, this stuff is heavy as... an elephant (a animal sometimes seen on safari for which, thankfully, they also have a line of goods, phew)... which will not stop me from ruminating on this Limited Edition as I continue to cling, quite torn and confused, to LV while I, oddly, picture my monogrammed name plate right there under the lock.
Pink luggage for The Hostess? Oh, I dare not step on to that slope either. Could cause juvenile regression.
This is an unrealistic economy in which to linger over such items but they are quite special to behold (though I find the J. Crew colors tougher for myriad reasons than those of GT's own collections).
What do you think?

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