Monday, December 15, 2008

A Twinkling Hunt Country Party

This past weekend, my dear friend, Jennifer of the venerable Sweetwater Farm (hunters, jumpers, equitation - and yes, that's Jen in the first photo on the site also), was kind enough to both invite me to her lovely Christmas party and to allow me to photograph a bit for you. Jen and Ward's home on the farm just down the road here in North Salem is a special old hunt country farmhouse: Beams and gorgeous original flooring still in tact; I love that they adore the feel of a hunt farmhouse and allow to it retain its original elegance which always seems new and modern regardless.

I must admit that while it was far easier to photograph Jen's house and party than my own because the Hostess is always tied up on her own day, I still became a bit engrossed in all the new gossip regards the Golden's Bridge Hunt and was a tad remiss on the food photos. So much so, that I was only able to sample one shrimp and her fabulous tenderloin. Apologies, but since I am pregnant, I don't spend as much time around the horse folks as it makes my heart ache. I had a great deal to catch up upon!

Moving on, Jen's home was awash in boughs and adorned with dozens of perfect little elegant holiday vignettes on every surface. Jen has lovely taste and is always attentive to the tiniest details, making her holiday-decorated home a Christmas museum of sorts. I understand that she was raised in a home that truly adored and carefully cultivated the magic of Christmas. She has gone on to do them proud, I believe.

The rear door of the house, whose path is struck of stone from old farm walls, was lovingly adorned and cheerfully welcoming. The message: Christmas has arrived in horse country.

The gauzy glow of one of the many large and small trees throughout the house. Right next to the twinkling bar, it was a perfect warm reception.

Jen's signature blue and gold tree in the den. Another sparkling beauty.

The kitchen hearth under the photo portrait of the beloved farm overseer: Jeza, the prized and wonderfully loving Australian Shepard. This must be a joy to come home to every evening.

Nibble prep in front of the hearth.

One of my favorite vignettes: Poinsettia and tiny trees surrounding the sculptural miniature woods.

A close up of the sculpture.

The guests begin to arrive.

Another lovely evening at Jen's, as always.

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