Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pimm's No.3 Winter

Dispatch to Naval Officer Overseas
Embarked aboard the USS That's a Secret

To: Dashing Surface War Officer
From: Your wife (Code name: Blushing Hostess)
Date: Now
Re: Pimm's No.3 Winter's got my yule up

What is it with this stuff? Stop. Looked all over cannot find. Stop. Even the Liquor Weasel is stumped. Stop. Can order it from the UK for $80 in shipping per. Stop. Preposterous. Stop. Suggest Captain consider to stock ye' vessel's liquor closet full. Stop.

1 comment:

the quarter rat said...

Now I'm really intrigued. Looks like it would be a great drink for a chilly Mardi Gras evening.