Monday, October 20, 2008

Poof! You're a centerpiece!

I could not, not, not take another second of tripping over the old French provincial dish rack in the pantry. It was unfair to my ankles and to the dish rack. It clearly needed and deserved an occupation. Witness my addressing this issue:

From: The Blushing Hostess
To: Provincial Dish Rack (PDR)
Re: The Hostess' Decorative "Restructuring" Initiative (aka, Find a Job or Hit the Road).

PDR - Your service in Newport and Boston highly thought of, much appriciated. Less use for a dish rack of late. Kindly remove thine-self to the table and assume the position of "Centerpiece" tutte suit. Capish, Dish Rack? And on your way suggest you find some festive, seasonally appropriate objects with which to fill yourself. If this works out, I will keep you. And possibly even buy some other, additional seasonal accompaniments to add your collection. Or else be gone. Truly, The Hostess

Trial run #1. I think I might be on to something. Check back later.

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