Thursday, September 25, 2008

What $1 buys a hostess

The Hostess has been rustling around int he dollar bins here and there for your entertaining benefit! There were a number of wonderful things at some of my occasional shopping haunts which you might want to check out yourself. The items below are from Target and Michael's, but I will warn you about Target, the one closest our home had really fun little items, the one slightly further away was disappointing in comparison (made me wonder if they were even in the same chain!). And remember, if you find something great, the Hostess is all ears!

While I would do anything for ya'll, I am a little pressed for time so these photos are straight out of the shopping bags. I just thought they were so much fun, I did not want you to miss out! Happy bargain shopping!

Little sparkling ornament placecard holders for the holiday table come in four patterns - adorable. And I can thing of a half dozen other uses as well. Two for $1 at Michael's.

Greeting cards are the Hostess' biggest nuisance (aka rip off in most cases), Target
has made the prospect of card giving both reasonable and gorgeous. How pretty are these handmade cards? $1 each at Target.

Ramekins, 2 for $1 at Target, also have gobs of uses besides the obvious. Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

Great wood stamp which I will use with fabric paint to dress up some boring white pillowcases I have lingering from my white linen phase.

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