Friday, September 26, 2008

The Jam Hunt Continues

As you may remember, the Hostess complained up one side and down the other (of the Michael C. Fina website) regarding a complete lack of appropriate serving vessels for jams and jellies to be a part of my (British-inspired) breakfast table. The Hostess is not sorry for all the things she said to herself and the odd bystanders about how preposterous it was not to be able to find one good jam caddy that was not currently held by a major auction house!

Well, indeed, I have not solved the problem of really preferring to have a beautiful one in sterling. If I was, say a more modern girl, which I sometimes am, when a thing of beauty emerges, I might consider some other material for a jamp caddy. In the meantime, I rather happily located a couple of these fun jam jars for an absolute steal at Homegoods. On a gorgeous, sparkling small tray, maybe they do just as well, no?

Homegoods, $3.99

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