Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dancing with the ones that brung me

I recently had a wonderful dream. I thought it would be marvelous if only it could ever happen: A cocktail party attended by many of the bloggers I enjoy reading, many of the readers I have come to know from their comments and emails, Kevin Costner (as Tin Cup), and the guy from The Mentalist (it's a dream, what can I say?).

Upon waking, it occurred to me that I should tell you about them and thank them again on these pages. Great thinkers, all of them: Thorough, witty, remarkable minds each. Every time I see the BH link posted on their reads list, I am frightened anew: I am always pondering how to do that compliment justice every day. These four are hitters in the blog game and I remain eternally grateful to them for their encouragement.

So, this is the story of how many of you arrived here, and those who helped.

It was Vamp, *Visual Vamp*, that is, who threw up the first Blushing Hostess link to the cooking site on a post about her new reads. We have in common that we moved in similar places in New York. She is exuberant, also I suspect, a great dancer, and a committed student of design. She also possesses a great sense of humor.

Along the way, I found Easy and Elegant Life. I too am a traditionalist and clothes horse and I love a brilliant writer. E&E was a perfect fit. I read along for quite a while, as is my habit before posting a blog on my read list, and finally left a comment. Not long after, BH Entertains appeared on E&E's read list. I nearly fell off my perch.

Mrs. Blanding's found me then. I danced around when she commented because her taste is so refined and unimpeachable. I had laughed with her through her summer camp memos and went to sleep at night hoping I would wake up with a particular piece of jewelery she featured on my pillow the next morning. It is a blog to build a dream on.

And then An Aesthete's Lament came right here. To this very blog. Could I just pass out right then? The great scholar and researcher; this cloak and dagger blogger of mysterious identity but inarguable intellect and inspiration had landed here. I was floored.

I continue to be floored each and every time I go by their sites, which is every single day. These are high compliments from writers and style makers I deeply respect. People who fought the battle for my own intellect and won: In the dark days of not getting out with new babies, they saved me; kept my head sharp and my curiosity satiated. I will never forget what they did for my mind and my blog. I hope you enjoy their work as much as I have.


Mrs. Blandings said...

Now I'm blushing. You, darling, made it so easy to drop in. Hope you are doing well with that new baby. Still a smidge bitter about your ability to post and the jeans thing.

Visual Vamp said...

OMG You are too sweet!
I really hope we can all meet one day in person!
xo xo

An Aesthete's Lament said...

What a lovely thing to read on an overcast morning! Thank you so very much!