Friday, September 10, 2010

Whine-free wine-pairing dinner

Please note: Wine in wine coasters on the buffet with place card holders displaying the course which has been matched with the wine.

Now, the person serving the wine can serve without confusion and the guests will be able to review and note the wines they enjoyed with specific courses.

Sticking my qualified neck on the line here and daring to point this out (ah-hem): If one were to offer the food and wine from two buffets as a self-service sort of affair of small plates and tasting size (2 ounce) servings, this presentation would also be useful.

Just one more reason to miss Southern Accents magazine.


Teresa Hatfield said...

Thanks for sharing this information. This is one area that I am blind in.
Have a nice day.

JMW said...

Wonderful idea! This reminds me that I need to use my Waterford wine coaster that I received as a wedding gift more often.

Stephanie said...

I think I will use the place card holder idea at a party I'm hosting next Saturday. It's not a sit down dinner so it will be nice to label some of the food and bar area like this.

sle said...

I miss Southern Accents!