Monday, September 6, 2010

Chic hostess: Lanvin at H&M

This morning I was confused.

It was as though I was dreaming in black and white; As though H&M would pull off the coop I always knew they were capable of and convince the incomparable French couture house of Lanvin to guest-design a collection for H&M stores.

It was no dream. I know this because I spilled coffee on my lap just now and it hurts like love (to put it far more gently than any of the words I used at the time). The burn is real as are the mens and womens collections which will be introduced to the press on November 2, 2010 and be available for purchase in stores on November 23, 2010. See designer Alber Elbaz discussing the line here.

Here is to my consciousness having not failed me again. Lanvin for H&M: No, you are not dreaming. Go ahead, dip a finger in your coffee, I dare you.

Darlings, it is a good, sweet life but it does burn a bit at times.

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