Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1000 words and the plates that said them

Place setting.


Total accuracy.

I was out standing in a field last week (long story, and after all, it's not an uncommon occurrence) when I noted perhaps the most painstakingly accurate match of a fine china plate pattern to the host who possessed it.

At this event, each guest was asked to bring their own dinner plate - it is a tradition of the meal. Of the 140 guests whose places were set at one long table in a field, this plate had an arresting quality when walking along the table and, although Rachel Martin was not immediately around to tell me so, I knew that was her pattern.

Now then, below is mine. Raynaud, Festivite. In the course of my work here, I look at a lot of patterns, both new and historic. I adore this pattern, but as new patterns emerge, I wonder if there is a more accurate reflection of myself not only as a host, but as a complete life.

Noting this made me curious; now that I know Rachel's skill in this area, which she would choose if she were to choose a pattern to tell 1000 words about each of the important people in her world...

Is your place setting an accurate reflection of you?

Photo credits: Boxwood Winery


JMW said...

I would say mine is...it's a simple, off-white setting with a braided rope edging. I loved it more than 10 years ago when I registered for it and I love it to this day.

I would love to see the table in the field with all of the place settings - I bet that was a gorgeous event.

Marsha said...

My pattern is Noritake's Satin Gown, which fit me perfectly when I married nearly 15 years ago. These days the match - with the china, the husband still being true-blue - is less ideal. Not being a wasteful sort I've been mixing things up a bit with after-market additions and accessories. Happily, the staid classicism of my youth is melding nicely into the riotous color of middle age.

Robin said...

Thought provoking hmmm....no, mine is definitely not a reflection of me...plain off white. Time to do some shopping I think!

sle said...

I love my china but often wish for a pattern that is not quite as "fussy". Quite often I will look at the patterns chosen today by brides to be and wonder how they will feel about their choice in ten years. More often I wonder where their mothers were when they made the choice they did.