Monday, August 2, 2010

Turtle soup and other stuff at 3 am

It's three in the morning, I have just finished complaining bitterly to Trad via email about LL Bean about how old isn't the new New and now I find I'm out of coffee. I need that like I need tartan pants that are inevitably too big everywhere my post-child bearing curves could afford to show off a little. I would have liked some French Market coffee, if I could have any this night. And that is how I arrived at Turtle Soup - a New Orleans specialty.


During Mardi Gras at Commander's Palace in our precious New Orleans, coffee cups full of turtle soup are handed around after the parade in the private party rooms.

The soup part sounds warm and inviting, the turtle part - although many in this esteemed readership disagree - never has been appealing to the Hostess. But I love the idea of soup in coffee cups after a parade.

At the moment however, I love the idea of coffee in my cup so very much more.

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Mrs. G said...

"Old is not the new New"...Hehe! Love the terquoise building. Hope you got a good cup of coffee by now.

Reggie Darling said...

Hello Blushing,
I have always been curious about turtle soup, and its cousin mock turtle soup. I don't recall having ever had either, though. I must admit I have mixed feelings about the former, as I believe turtles are endangered in many places. And I had a pet one as a child, so sentimentally I would have issues about eating soup made from it. And by the way, I am out of both coffee and milk this morning, and none he better for it! Rgds, Reggie

pve design said...

I must admit, your made me pine for my childhood memories of the annual "turtle soup" dinner and "bingo night." Perhaps this could be part of your blushing hostess traditions to carry on.

little augury said...

right on sister-about everything! pgt

I'maNolaGirl said...

Mmmm... coffee cups filled with Turtle Soup and laces with sherry. Is there anything better in the world? This post made me long for coolr temps and a parade or two!

sle said...

Forget the soup! why, dear lady, are you up at three am craving coffee no less?

Main Line Sportsman said...

Here in Philadelphia it is " Snapper Soup"...a local classic and it is delicious...we float a little sherry on top.