Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The ideal gadget

The other day at work I had an epiphany of sorts. No, I it did not lead me to the promised land. Well, I suppose that depends how you look at it: Committed entertainers may feel they too have arrived after reading this post.

In any event, I happened to be loitering in Tasting Room at Chevy Chase (the event site for the launch of the best and hippest happy hour in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and not just because I said so) while waiting for an appointment and had a moment to truly consider these enoteca-style machines we use there, called Enomatic's.

With the use of customer's pre-paid card, they dispense a taste, a half glass, or a full glass of each of sixteen amazing wines from great wine regions around the world. One card can enable a guest to try a galaxy of delicious red wines. There is also a wall-enclosed refrigerated Enomatic self-pouring machine for white wines.

It occurred to me that if I had Enomatic pouring machine's at home it would be a wildly successful conversation starter, no guest would be unhappy with the wine they were served, and the machine alone would make a great wine-tasting theme party.

It seems the kitchen and entertaining gadget guru's have some work ahead to shrink this concept for home party use. I do not care for "wet bars" in private homes (the term alone bringing back the debauchery of those spring "breaks" and the questionable kind of girl who engaged in all that ickiness), although I do not mind a home bar which is relatively cloaked or a small non-nuisance. If this fit in a closet-sized bar, the butler's pantry, or the corner of the kitchen, what have you, it would be a perfect gadget.

In the meantime, I can take the guests to The Tasting Room Wine Bar since they graciously receive private parties. Maybe at happy hour, as I love any concept which begins with the word 'happy' and am more likely to believe that might be the case if it only takes a hour.

Photo credit: Courtesy The Tasting Room Wine Bar of Chevy Chase, Reston, and Middleburg, and The Boxwood Estate Winery.

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sle said...

Good Morning,
I was in Middleburg yesterday around five and of course almost everything was closed. Please forgive the fingerprints on the windows at Boxwood on main street. I'm afraid peaking in the window was as close as I got. Perhaps I will have better luck next time.

The Blushing Hostess said...

Sorry I missed you. Do email me the next time you will be in town!

sle said...

Will do!!