Thursday, June 10, 2010

If wishes were horses

I have had a full house these last two weeks: Two girls, two boys visiting, and all of them toddlers. I do not want to discuss what they have done to us; I will just say it was plenty, it was always disgusting, and there were always gleeful cheers whenever the hideous deed at hand was finished. I am thoroughly defeated which is why, while looking for both boys and girls bedding, this Pottery Barn Kids photo of "Amy's bedroom" appealed to me.

Look at that heavenly room, here you can get great girls and boys bedding to accent their rooms, but besides that I see beds made, floor free of debris, everything immaculate. And those two angelic children sharing tales of their day. The stylists who cracked this whip, can they come to Blushingdom?

I like the sensation this kind of thing might be possible.

Hope: The Hostess's favorite virtue.


becky up the hill said...

Heck I'd like this room for my own, my husband on the other hand not so much!

sle said...

Ah yes, it has taken me some time to realize that perfect houses and people are only in magazines, movies and ads. But I am with you...hope is a good thing and runs eternal at my house.


I used to think, "well, for about 45 minutes it looks wonderful." But it was always worth it. When I hear my adult children laughing about going shopping with me when they were little (things long forgotten by me)& other things, it makes me smile. xx's

Karena said...

Lovely thoughts and a beautifully sweet image!

Art by Karena

pve design said...

Oh, I feel your torture, and my sons are 17. Little people little messes, big people, bigger messes.
The fun round here never stops.

Nan said...

toddlers are petite savages! glad you survived. the room is splendid...i found a chandelier on ebay that is very similar to the one in this picture for our nursery. our girls (2 yrs and 3 months) are about to embark on room is hoping that all goes well. really hoping.