Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beat the streets

I could walk around New York City for the rest of my days and never take it all in. I will spare you the complaints about how there is never enough time in life to wander - wandering being considered the plain dalliance of fools, naives, and village idiots. And in turn, not seriously thought of when it appears on most Outlook schedules. Except mine that is, where you can be assured it is the deadly serious to-die for business of this Hostess. If I sit in Westchester for any period of time, my skin starts to itch and I feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety that culture and curiosities are passing me by in town.

I get a lot of support in the wandering endeavor, thankfully. Either my friends think we might unearth something fascinating, or there is the outside chance they may finally find their way into witness protection, but on the whole - good days had by most. Ah-hem. Now then.

After a long recent day spent wandering in Manhattan, I came across this piece on Grub Street: Chef Yang Haung of Buddakan in New York takes his service staff to his purveyors and favorite haunts to familiarize them with his ingredients. It is only coincidental that his restaurant, Buddakan, is a favorite of mine, not only for food but for its soaring shameless display of decor and related cash outlay verging on the absurd. Even if only once, it is a place not to be missed for over-wrought design, delicious legitimate Asian food a la banquet hall, and impeccable service.

Better service through directed wandering: One hostess is not surprised.


pretty pink tulips said...

Buddakhan is on my "to do" list --- can't believe I still haven't been there. This is motivating me!

pve design said...

must go. (note to self)