Wednesday, May 26, 2010

RIP: An Aesthete's Lament

Arguably the best interiors blog in both design insight and history passed into American media history this month as "the Aesthete" as we loving referred to its pen, announced the blog would be discontinued. Certainly, it will be sorely missed for informational strength and intellectual prowess, but the degradation of the level at which the Aesthete set the bar for the rest of us in content and editing is perhaps the second most worrisome concern of the void left behind.

The Aesthete, who I can only hope continues to drop into this genre, is, as you might have suspected in reading An Aesthete's Lament, a singular, brilliant, graceful talent. The Aesthete nourished minds and creativity and taught with patience and encouragement being, as you also might have sensed, a researcher and scholar aside from the obvious staggeringly impressive design credentials.

The first of the luminary bloggers to have come to Blushing Hostess seemingly a lifetime ago, the Aesthete hand fed this blog at its hardest moments, offered reassurance, and somehow, in the remarkable real world of the Aesthete, managed to be a friend and confidante to me. I was humbled by the Aesthete's praise and encouragement and frankly, the design and style blogosphere is without a North Star for me now.

So begins the post-Aesthete era, sadly.


Reggie Darling said...

Well said, Blushing. I think you captured it beautifully. He was truly our North Star. Reggie

little augury said...

post Aesthete-makes me want to cry. beautifully said ,as always, don't think it can be said often enough or realized how open and helpful the Aesthete was to his fellow bloggers. xo, pgt

Arabella said...

I was SO sad about this when I visited the site.

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Yes... well said indeed! I always visited "the Aesthete" in knowledge-seeking moments, and wss never let down. A fitting tribute to a wonderful blog, full of depth and charm.

Housewife Bliss said...

Wonderful tribute, well said indeed.