Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A gift for the soul

We all have those gifts we bring to an aching soul. A friend of mine brings as she calls it, her Mama's "Jewish penicillin" for any ailment, especially those of the soul. Another always roses. Another gardenia scented candles. Trademarks, of a kind, I suppose. But more likely, when a friend is hurting, a person looks into themselves and reaches first for what might soothe them.

One old dear friend always takes a bottle and helps you to enjoy life until, "bourbon convinces you whatever it is not really a problem." To each, as they say, his own.

And so I have mine; The Secrets of Pistoulet: An Enchanted Fable of Food, Magic, and Love (Jana Kolpen). A little book in a wrapper; almost a very refined scrapbook of hope, history, and mystical recipes. I take it to the broken hearted and people dealing with extraordinary circumstances. They can pull out the photos, postcards, and recipes and be reminded in each page of a magical place beyond us all, and it serves, at the very least, as a reminder there is more adventures and so much more to be.

Alongside a delightful journey of the soul through hidden places in the French countryside are these recipes for varying malaise's of the human heart.

Potage of the Heart
To be made in the presence of hearty, loving grandmothers

Go to the farmers' markets and find the most robust farmer with the rosiest complexion and. With tender loving care pick out the deepest purple, firmest beets. Remove the stems and boil until soft. Saute several cloves of aromatic garlic in the finest olive oil with two large earthy potatoes, peeled and diced. Cover with water or chicken stock. Bring to a boil. Cover and simmer. Play lullabies until ready. Add salt and pepper. Serve with a large ladle and lace with cream.

Caution: Hidden emotion may rise to the surface.

It is for certain, a book to build a dream on.


Karena said...

Beautiful, absolutely heartwarming. I will share this book with many.....

Art by Karena

JMW said...

Sounds like a wonderful book. Thanks for the recommendation!