Saturday, February 6, 2010

A vision in couture steel and aluminum

If only gowns could more often be made of fabric so ethereal.

The staggeringly magnificent and ghostly sculptural work of Sophie De Francesca at Eli Klein Fine Art. Ethereal and celestial, a vision in fine galvanized steel, aluminum, and Swarovski crystal.

I noticed the first gown spotlighted in a minimal setting; the sparkling, delicate quality halting me on a city street.

Ms. De Francesca accepts commissions to memorialize a hostess's most beloved gown: Rendering the earthly swoosh of glamour into heavenly otherworldly steel.

Contact Eli Klein Fine Art for information and commissions. If you are in New York, I highly recommend a visit to the gallery to see the pieces in person. Unforgettable.



Absolutely fabulous, beautiful, a fantasy. Thank you for showing us this amazing artist's work. Marsha

Karena said...

What amazing sculptures, They are gorgeous! They do appear very ethereal and finely woven..

LPC said...

Beautiful. A little eerie.

little augury said...

fascinating as sculpture.