Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sneak Peek: Dinner counterpoints at Sundance

Among the guests of Orland Bloom's private dinner party during Sundance Film Festival for fellow cast members were co-star/ director Mark Ruffalo and co-star Juliette Lewis.

East Meets West, Sympathy for Delicious Menu

East: Katsuya Uechi, Katsuya Restaurants, L.A.
West: Steven Fretz, of XIV by Michael Mina

Bing Supper Club at House of Hype, Park City, Utah


Sashimi of king crab and toro
Oden (Japanese stew, traditionally consisting of ingredients like boiled eggs, fish cakes and a dashi broth)
Seasonal verrine (originally a French confection, made by layering ingredients in a glass)


Chilled king crab with pomegranate, pecan and black truffle foam
Kobe shortribs
Milk chocolate panna cotta


stellawantstodie said...

it sounds great!

thnx for your comment!

Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

At the bottom of your post the "What to eat when you abdicate" ...Did you happen to see the PBS show last night Bertie & Elizabeth? Interesting...especially when war broke out and the family was served fish sticks!

Karena said...

What a menu, and such a fun event! Do share more....Karena

Leah said...

I'm drooling at the menu both of East and West. :-)

Fashion Therapist said...

I'm slightly star struck and now I'm really hungry.

holly goes lightly said...

The menu sounds lovely, but something about Juliette Lewis has always scared me a little bit