Monday, February 1, 2010

Matters of the heart

Don't send flowers, chocolate, and Hallmark cards.

I have said this to my Husband since the beginning. If something has to be done, then make it last; a climbing rose or a rare peony bulb. Something which will live on and not cause weight gain. And not a card: Just write me a note. The commercial conquest that is Valentine's Day has always left me feeling taken advantage of by retailers.

But I realize there are relationships where, if a Valentine's Day were marked with a hand-written note and a dusty flower bulb, there might be open warfare. So, what makes us different, makes us beautiful, no?

Some assistance for the gentlemen in avoiding a war of the roses, then.

Bell' INVITO, Letterpress Valentine's

Leontine Linens, Trapunto Lingerie Cases

Gump's, Cranberry silk dupioni rose photo album

Gump's, Pink Croc alarm clock

Bernard Maiser at NYBG, Engraved butterfly notecards

Botanica Magnifica, Portraits of the World's Most Extraordinary Flowers and Plants
by Jonathan Singer, W. John Kress, and Marc Hachadourian


EntertainingMom said...

shhh... can you hear it? I think the alarm clock is calling my name!!!

pve design said...

Make them last, all those love letters. Frame them or make a book. I have a dear friend who kept every letter while her husband was at War, that was long long ago and she has them all. He never knew that she had them until recently. They are now in their 90's and the love they have created is ever-lasting.

yyam said...

I hate the commercialization of Valentine's Day too...with everything overpriced and the overzealous use of hearts and the color red...even though when I was younger, it used to excite me! But the treasures that I have are those handwritten notes and cards not related to Valentine's Day...from friends and loved ones who tell me that they appreciate me...:)

Lily Lemontree said...

What gorgeous suggestions, definitely need to scout out that clock!

Karena said...

Love letter, a forgotten art. I love your idea of receiving (or giving)something that is lasting.

JMW said...

What lovely alternatives to the standard V-Day gift! We have an ex-pat from Germany working in our office and she couldn't believe the Valentine's Day products in the stores in the U.S. She said it was overwhelming!