Monday, February 15, 2010

House of Worth returns

No longer is the ever-mourned French house of Worth relegated to the halls at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The couture house of Worth has taken its first steps to a modern rebirth in introducing a collection in Paris which has met with rave reviews. Worth is, as it was then, made-to-order haute couture.

The eternally successful fragrance Je Reviens, from the house of the 19th-century couturier Charles Frederick Worth, seems to be living up to its name — "I’ll be back."

Giovanni Beden’s style for the house of Worth. The Worth collection that Giovanni Beden showed Tuesday, a first step toward relaunching a couture line, focused on the Edwardian corsets for which Worth was famous.

But these 2010 confections of feather and lace, richly decorated and shapely, had a cute new look: Tiny tulle skirts turned the historical crinolines into a racier and more modern shape. The task now is to lure clients back for these made-to-order pieces.

- Suzie Menze, for The New York Times


s + b said...

what an amazing collection - i especially love the second gown.

Mrs. R said...

This is amazing!! I remember reading the book "The Vanderbilt Women" in college and the ladies had the majority of their gowns made by Worth. Who knew they would come back! Good news for ppl who love one of a kind designs and clothing that actually fit!!

I read your other post on Worth and it does seem like only men can get tailored clothing today! I complain to my hubby all the time, I have to get a lot of the clothing I purchase altered. I am starting to think companies are just making up sizes.