Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Bachelor's Suggestion Box

I have long mentioned our unfortunate familial habit of kitchen fires and the patient fire chief just down the hill in our hometown. He is a fire commissioner now and consequently lovingly referred to in Bedford as "Commish" these days. He is also a remarkable artist, graduate of Parsons, and a careful self-made man who built an impressive business. He brought this Depression-era cottage on one of his lots back from the brink on his own and is still working on the place in his spare time.

While I was shamelessly begging and pleading with him to please kindly consider returning to his art in order to do a favor for me, he mentioned he was thinking of inviting every female he knows over at once to gather their best advise on what to do with the front room of his home.

David's art is full of vibrancy and modernist depictions of iconic images: He is hip and fearless with color and his home should be no less layered with interest, boldness, and texture.

And of course I thought of you, my talented readers and wondered, what is your most favorite masculine living space?

Leave me your links or suggestions. A wonderful lifelong friend and I cannot wait to read your input.

In the meantime, I have considered a few rooms which may be helpful to David in his process.

Photos: Living etc.

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Modern Traditionalist said...

I favor more masculine design, myself. I keep returning to this West Coast rental which was featured in the NY Times:



As soon as I read "bold colors" and saw that yellow, I thought of Vincent Darré's apartment. Bold, strong, fabulous use of really intense colors. One of my absolute favorites. Lauren