Monday, January 25, 2010

The Venice Spritz: Breakfast of Champions

Since Blushing is otherwise visiting Venice Lido today to recap the dramatic Chanel fashion show at the edge of the Adriatic, a cocktail in honor of Coco: The Venice Spritz.

Regularly consumed at all hours of the day by the natives, the Venice spritz is part of the Venetian lifestyle which takes some conditioning. I once met our import agent in my hotel lobby and he announced in a booming voice, "Let's go get something while we have a little bit of time!" Having been in Venice for a bit by then, I might have suspected it was not an Americano.

I was still trying to lift the haze from the night before when a vendor insisted we drink his homemade grappa. When I tasted the Spritz, which I assumed was some sort of morning juice cocktail, I was so surprised I struggled through laughter to swallow it.

"Eh?!" The agent said. "Like you say about your coffee! Jet fuel!"

6:30 am: Prosecco and Campari. Welcome to Venice.

Venice Spritz

A handful of Ice
2 fingers Prosecco
A splash of sparkling water
One finger Aperol, Campari, or Cynar
Garnish: Orange or lemon slice or peel and a green olive


tintin said...

Finally, something I can use.

Reggie Darling said...

So that's what they drink in Venice (that is when they are not drinking Bellinis)! I had a damned devil of a time getting a basic vodka tonic on ice several years ago there. Waiters looked at me as if I were a mutant when I asked for one.